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Sister Rose Children LTD is a nonprofit focused on supporting and providing supplies for the underprivileged people of Southern Cameroon, Africa. We are very active in our support in Cameroon- providing food, clothes, and school supplies to local Cameroonians. We strive to make Cameroon a better place and to help out as much as we can in the country's time of need.    

Our nonprofit is a positive movement that will spark change and lots of positive energy in Cameroon. We are doing our best but we need more people to aid us in our efforts to help people who can't fully help themselves and a country that is overwhelmed with anger. We are shining our light and making a difference!


Samuel Ngole is an emergency room nurse with a big heart and passion to help others, especially the people of Southern Cameroon. He loves soccer , and is a giver and a humanitarian.

"The ones that suffer from healthcare, not enough food,  not enough water. They are people too, just like us."
                                                                                     -Samuel Ngole
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